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  1. Dear Isabella, I was so absorbed by your other blog that I even didn't know that you love black and white photography.

    And that is such a beautiful discovery for me. These photographs have completely different and very thrilling style. They are unique and they are stunning.

    I try to learn B&W photography. I still have ups and downs with it. Mostly downs but I will try and try.

    BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS!!!!! Beautiful shades and colors. You took me by a wonderful surprise, my dear friend!

    I send you my love and my very best loving wishes.

    Always yours, Kaya.

  2. Welch eine große Freude, dich hier in meiner schwarz-weißen "Welt" lesen zu dürfen. Ach, das ist so, so schön, dass dieses Herzenskind von mir dein Interesse geweckt hat.

    Ich sende dir ganz besonders liebe Grüße über das Meer und umarme dich innig,



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