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winter light in the park

the christmas survivors

the look inside

one, two, three - up girls !!!

trees language - winter calligraphy

time of stars

Mummy I love you!

It's December

give me a smile - 2

竹 zhú 十四

winter is coming

Fuerteventura - island dreams 1



special delivery

November Star

the hour of the Giant

the lifting of the mist

竹 zhú 十三

intimate connection

and follow the light

the way of life

good bye

Dance with the Wind

last call for Brighton

let's dance can-can

autumn dancing queen

tree language - ginkgo

autumn bells


not much

ricordi, 14 - 12


the taste of southern summer days

time path, 2

autumn whisperer - time curve

- V -

autumn breath

tree language - last song

time traces

just a touch

la dolce vita nel Ascona

late summer magic

tree language 35

time path



girlfriends summer

my dear guests