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room by room



4 of 1 kind

tree language 52

the poetry of last roses

enjoying the christmas season

the NYC artist

pas de deux

chicago views 3, cloud gate - without

the paintress

The Weekend in Black and White _ X _

Knowing where the roots are

Wordless Wednesday - reset

autumn whisperer - 7

to know the way

berlin reflections - 4. black & white

the necklace


berlin reflections - 3

autumn whisperer - 6

tree language.51 - autumn whisperer.5 - the fairy tale tellers

autumn whisperer - 4

The Weekend in Black & White - focus on you

Black & White Wednesday - southern lines

taking care

tree language - 42

Hommage a Loïe Fuller - 2

first signs of autumn

is there anybody down there?

in the streets of Varenna, 3

berlin reflections - 2

the dancer, 2

berlin reflections - 1

the new dress

竹 zhú 十五

Ascona Love

the nine

the last ferry


eyes wide open - Happiness

now we say OM - ॐ

summer reflection

the three musketeers

soft promise

sweet, sweet chocolate

just arrive

heaven on earth

my dear guests