souffle I


for more black and white - the weekend in black & white



  1. What is it? A transparent flower? Water? Smoke from a cigarette? Who knows and maybe it´s best not to know and it keeps it´s mystery in space and time.

  2. der Hauch des Windes, das Berühren eines schönen Gedankens...!

    Mit Deinem Bild im Herzen verbringe ich den Rest des Tages in stiller Kontemplation...

    Dir schicke ich einen Gedanken des Herzens, liebe Freundin!


  3. I really like this...the movement is fantastic. It is very much like a dream.
    your friend,
    David :-) Houston B&W

  4. Pietari, Renée, David and Halina

    my dear friends many thanks for your wonderful empathic comments.

    No don't worry, I will not say what it is ... it would prevent any imagination and ruin the magic ...

    so let's dream ♥

    my very best wishes to you,

    warm hugs from

  5. Even though I am not sure what it is you have captured here, it is gorgeous and especially lovely in black and white. An amazing shot with perfect lighting.

  6. It does not matter what it is ... It is important, what it does to the viewer ... !

    Thank you so much for this wonderful comment Genie, I love it!

    best regards,


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