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«La soglia del paradiso» (The threshold to paradise). This is how the painter Giovanni Segantini named this mountain village, in which he spent several winters.

Located on a sunny terrace at an altitude of 1090 meters (3576 ft.), Soglio offers breathtaking views of the valley down below and the majestic peaks of the Sciora Mountain group on the other side of the valley. The past is always present while walking through this compact village of houses, barns and narrow, cobbled, labyrinth-like alleyways.

Archaeological research has found that Soglio was already settled during prehistoric times. The name of the village was first documented in 1219. Luxurious walled-gardens and tiny plazas with water and wash fountains give this picturesque alpine village an Italian flair. In the village center is the Palazzo Salis with its romantic Baroque garden, built in the 17th century by the powerful and influential Salis family. Even the poet Rainer Maria Rilke came to Soglio and stayed in the Palazzo in search of inspiration.

On the edge of Soglio's sunny terrace, stands the Evangelical Church of St. Lorenzo, which was built in 1354, and restored and enlarged in 1506 and 1750. The church hosts a variety of summer concerts.

Soglio is also the perfect starting point for many excursions, such as the "Via Panoramica", which winds along the north side of the valley to Casaccia. 

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