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  1. My dear Isabella,

    I have been the follower of your black and white photography blog for a long time. You are my biggest inspiration in photography. I love very much your photography in colors and in black and white. Your are a very unique photographer in many ways.

    Isabella, you inspired me to do photography in black and white.

    What amazes me the most in your black and white photography that it is so tender, so gentle and so poetic also. How can you do this is a mystery for me.

    This photograph is fabulous, very gentle and very interesting! Yes, this is the way of life!

    Very best wishes to you, my talented and beautiful friend!

  2. Kaya,

    I thank you so much for your awesome comment! I'm happy and honored!!

    and a little bit speechless …

    you know, I love your work too.

    my best regards dear friend,


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